‘Tis the Season to Shop Smart

'Tis the season...Savvy shoppers have always had an eye out for particular trends in their buying habits: uniqueness of the product, craftsmanship, even a company’s eco-friendly practices. One trend that has been growing in recent years is the demand for products “made in the U.S.A.” The topic dominated the presidential debates for months, from companies outsourcing overseas to creating manufacturing jobs here at home, and it has not left the minds of American consumers as the holidays fast approach. ABC News has started a Made in America Christmas movement, having citizens pledge to spend at least a portion of their holiday spending on local or national products only, and smart shoppers are sticking to a budget of $750 for their spending.

However, a large amount of consumers are breaking that budget for the biggest jewelry-giving season. Last year 13.6% of Americans bought jewelry for loved ones during the holidays; it’s an impressive number, but it unfortunately left many feeling dejected, as a whopping 22.8% of season celebrators hoped for jewelry. This year seems to be no different, with nearly identical statistics predicted this year. Between the demand for jewelry, budgets, and the rising call to buy American, it’s almost impossible for a savvy shopper to meet all three criteria.


Avilan™ sources all of its diamonds and jewelry directly from the United States, because all of our inventory is post-consumer and collected from American retailers and consumers. In addition to keeping the money from each purchase and sale within the national economy, Avilan™ donates a percentage of each transaction to a charity partner of the buyer’s or seller’s choice. Our jewelry is comparatively priced, with a wide variety of quality and cost to meet any budget, and since our diamonds are up-cycled™ from the existing national inventory, we eliminate the need to mine for new ones overseas, securing both the environment and our economy.

This is the time of year when people come together, enjoy one another, and create brilliant new memories with loved ones. Make those memories sparkle even brighter by giving the gift of jewelry and really make it the most wonderful time of the year.  No matter what you celebrate or who you celebrate with, show the world you care with the gift of a responsible, locally sourced diamond.

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