The Nice List: Artisans With Ethics

Our stockings are being stuffed with fashion and fine jewelry featuring Storied Diamonds™! I’m excited to talk about the designers we’re working with as well as those who are very receptive to advocating sustainability. As more of these talented jewelers join the eco ethical movement, our list of partnerships and friends grows! See for yourself:

  • Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design: Using only recycled gold and ethically sourced stones, Jennifer has been at the forefront of sustainability since 2005. With a wide range of stackable fashion and bridal, her pieces add beauty to the world without taking any away. See her ‘Sustainably Beautiful’ bridal line with Avilan here.
  • TOBY POMEROY™: An artisan so nice, he made ethical metal twice. His EcoGold and TRUE GOLD™ lines feature recycled and fairmined metals respectively, and his designs incorporate fair trade and recycled gems. His Comet Earrings feature Storied Diamonds™, making their beauty truly out of this world. See his Comet Earrings here.
  • Ele Keats: A woman of many talents, Ele designs fashion jewelry as diverse as her film career. Using Harmony Metals™ in latest line with Avilan™, her pieces dazzle everyone. See her fashion pieces here.
  • Rebecca Overmann: Drawing inspiration from natural forms and subtlety, Rebecca creates jewelry that embody clarity, simplicity, and elegance. Her simple mixes of reclaimed metals and variety of traditional and rose cut stones create show that less is more.
  • Adel Chefridi: Born in Tunis along the Mediterranean coast, this GIA gemologist-turned-metalsmith creates jewelry that emphasizes wearability. ” A beautiful design,” he states, “does not add to the Gem anything that it doesn’t already have, but rather reveals the beauty it already possesses.”
  • Megan Thorne: Elegance is timeless in Megan’s delicate yet dazzling pieces. It is the intimacy with her craft and materials that brings forth the integrity of every piece and the intricacy of her designs.
  • Jamie Joseph: Jamie has an artisan’s aesthetic renown for meticulous craftsmanship, signature stone cutting techniques, and an abundance of color.By giving an organic framework that brings out the brilliance of each individual stone, she lets her pieces speak for themselves.
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