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“Avilan guided a gentleman to my store, that I could assist through a difficult time. It was great to know that I could offer a solution to him that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”
–  Mark S., Chicago, IL


“Quick offers and payment from Avilan allow me to get money in my customers’ hands more quickly. Most importantly, this promptness not only helps me but creates a good relationship between my customers and me.”
– Elyse M., Los Angeles, CA


“As a designer, I have always been concerned with the source of my materials. Unable to find a diamond source that aligned with my philosophy, I shied away from diamonds and engagement rings. I ran into the owners of Avilan at the JCK Show, and after seeing their competitive prices, I am now catering to a whole new clientele of customers.”
– Matt R., Brooklyn, NY


“During the slow summer months, I was grateful to Avilan for sending a family to me to sell their diamond and improve my cash flow. In addition, they also purchased a small charm for their daughter’s graduation with the money they just received.”
– John F., Albuquerque, NM


 “I had a couple looking at two diamonds for an engagement ring. When they were trying to decide between the two, we asked if they wanted traditional or sustainable. Not knowing the difference, they inquired on what sustainable meant. After explaining, the woman knew immediately that she had to make responsible decision. She exclaimed, ‘Both diamonds are beautiful, but I feel much happier knowing the choice I made makes a difference.'”
– Sean and Jessica T., San Francisco, CA


“A customer of mine who had recently moved from New York was looking to consign her jewelry in my store. After a few months, we realized there was not enough exposure for her pieces. I suggested her consigning through Avilan with the hopes that she would get what she was looking for. Fortunately for her, it turned out to be the right move, as her pieces sold quickly for the price she desired.”
– Steve C., Miami, FL


“I just wanted to share a story with you about a young woman came into our store. She was originally torn about selling her mother’s ring to fund her life-long dream of her own bakery cafe. After much deliberation, she came to the conclusion that, knowing how much her mother loved her, of course would’ve wanted her to fulfill her goal instead of keeping it stashed away in a jewelry box. Six months later, a smile comes across my face every time a take a bite of a delicious chocolate macaroon from her bakery, knowing that we were part of turning her dream into a reality.”
– Linda G., Portland, OR


“Our neighbor, who owns a children’s organic clothing store, wanted to sell her original diamond from her engagement ring as she was uncomfortable wearing jewelry that no longer aligned with her values. While she loved it, she felt hypocritical owning it. She was pleasantly surprised that she could sell her diamond to be recycled and still buy another diamond with a clean conscience. When she originally came, she didn’t even know this was an option and thought she would have to settle for an alternative gemstone. Thanks, Avilan, for making my customer happy.”
– Karen T., Santa Monica, CA