Smart Scribe

About Laser Inscription

Smart Scribe, a laser-inscription service, can add a special saying, date, or image to commemorate an event or an identification number to help protect diamonds from theft. Laser inscription uses heat from a fine laser beam to replicate an image on the girdle (outside perimeter) of a diamond. In this process, transparent carbon crystal is transformed into opaque graphite. Although not visible to the naked eye, inscribed messages or numbers appear 3D under a microscope and can be clearly detected by a jeweler using a 10x magnifying loupe. Inscriptions can be etched onto diamonds 0.20 carat or larger* and do not affect the jewel’s clarity or color.


The Benefits of Laser Inscription

Make your diamond truly one-of-a-kind. For peace of mind, you may choose to have an identification number inscribed to distinguish your diamond from all others. As an added benefit, some insurance companies may offer a discount for inscribed diamonds, as the inscription permits positive identification of the diamond if it is found after being lost or stolen.

Merchants, brand your diamonds and personalize your inventory with a marketing opportunity by etching your name and logo into every diamond that passes through your stock. Take advantage of holidays and celebratory occasions to utilize this service and set you apart from your competitors. Here’s a couple of great ideas:

• Valentine’s Day • Mother’s Day • Graduation
• Engagement • Anniversary • Birth of a Child
• Christmas • Hanukkah • Birthdays & More

Advantages of Ordering a Retail Kit

Savings by prepaying for 50 diamond inscriptions or more.

Point of Sale Lucite pamphlet holder and elegant brochures to generate revenue.

Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering a unique service for your customers.
*Unless the girdle size prohibits safe inscription.

Inscription Prices

$40 each for less than 50 diamonds

$36 each for 50 diamonds or more (10% discount)

$34 each for 100 diamonds or more (15% discount)

$32 each for 200 diamonds or more (20% discount)

Prices are for diamonds from 0.20 carat and include up to 24 characters

Want to Personalize Your Diamond?

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*Unless the girdle size prohibits safe inscription.