Sell a Diamond: Cash in on Being Green

Benefit from being a part of the AvilanTM network both financially and environmentally. Promote a greener tomorrow, increasing your revenue while providing an eco-alternative to destructive traditional mining.

People choose to sell diamonds for a myriad of reasons, including financial, emotional, or simply to upgrade and recycle their stones. By partnering with AvilanTM, you can rest assured that when a customer wants to sell their diamond we’ll be eager to purchase that inventory. In fact, we NEED your customers’ diamonds so that we can continue the up-cyclingTM process, transforming previously cherished gems into tomorrow’s Storied DiamondsTM, continuing our tradition of sourcing in the USA . You are providing an option for your customers to sell their jewelry with the additional value of inspiring change by having a percentage of the transaction donated to a charity partner that benefits the local and global community.

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