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Retail Member: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a network member?

You can become a network member by signing up on our registration page. Avilan™ Network members will be considered based on location, level of activity, and consistency with our core values.

How do you pay?

Once we view the stone and agree to terms, a check or bank wire will be sent to you that same day.

What kind of references do you have?

We have many satisfied clients who will vouch for our quick and successful transactions. References are available upon request.

How do you market consumers’ diamonds that weren’t purchased?

We market the consumers’ diamonds through multiple channels. You are able to track your customers’ goods through your sales representative.

What is a lead inventory?

It is a feature of our proprietary software that allows us to retain all information about stones that we have not purchased but are still able to obtain for both buying and selling.

What is your return policy?

Our member-only policy is 30 days for full merchandise exchange in the amount of the purchase price.

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