Retail Selling Process

Simple, Streamlined and Efficient

1. A qualified jeweler assesses the diamond by:

  • Removing the diamond from the mounting/setting.
  • Using a standard mm gauge and scale to confirm measurements and, if applicable, comparing diamond details against any appropriate documentation.
  • Using a microscope to check all surfaces for chippings, external bruises, signs of being treated or enhanced, etc., and confirm inclusions against any available certificates.

2. Email Avilan™ for an offer or call representative at 1-855-434-1444.

3. Fill out applicable documents as per transaction for preliminary assessment.

4. Return signed document via fax or email.

5. Ship the diamond with insured and prepaid FedEx label provided by Avilan™.

6. Payment will be issued after Avilan™ agrees to terms and receives the signed documentation.