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Become an Avilan™ “Carat Club” member

The signature rewards program
for the Avilan™ Network

Benefits of Membership

Avilan™ is the only diamond resale company that offers an incentive program for its customers. As an Avilan™ member, you receive points on every purchase or sales transaction. Join the Carat Club now. >


Membership Levels

Diamond Level = 1-99 points per month

  • Receive exclusive Hot New Deal alerts. 
  • Free shipping when sending Avilan™ a diamond for purchase.
  • Free shipping when buying an Avilan Storied Diamond™.

Double Diamond Level = 100 points per month

  • Cash prices on all transactions net 30 days.
  • Receive exclusive hot new deal alerts. 
  • Free shipping FOR ALL TRANSACTIONS.
  • Designated Avilan™ seller. Choose the Avilan Storied Diamonds™ you wish to sell based on your specific requirements. 
  • Eligible for Certified Affiliate level consideration when you reach 2,000 points.


Other Member Benefits

  • Special bonus point offers
  • Discounts on laser-inscription services >
  • – for managing your account and viewing special offers and exclusives