Our Favorite Rings from 'The Wedding Ring Book'

It’s always a pleasure to see people appreciate your product, one we at Avilan™ enjoyed while reading about our collaboration with Dawes Design in The Wedding Ring Book. However, she wasn’t our only friend featured; many other ethical artisans showcased their beautiful rings in the article “When She Says ‘I Do.'”

Sethi Couture: Tailoring her designs to the antique look of rose and Euro cuts, Pratima Sethi takes the best of the old and molds it into the new. Her lacy, feminine touches bring out a softer side of these stones, offering casual luxury for the fashion forward, savvy-sophisticate.

Jennifer Dawes: Alright, we might be slightly biased on this one. Jen’s use of responsibly sourced metals and gemstones is flawless, and her combination of traditional cut melee and rough, worn band is seamless. We even adore how her rose cut diamond matches the warm color of the gold (not as much as we adore our diamonds in her pieces, but no one’s perfect).

Sofia Kaman (Kamofie)

Sofia Kaman: We love Sofia’s designs as much as she loves vintage traditional cut diamonds. Using Old Miners and Euros predominantly in her rings, she brings out the natural beauty and color of the stone and embraces its natural quality.

Rebecca Overmann: Mixing rose and fancy cuts, Rebecca incorporates the best of both worlds in her designs Using varying shapes and textures from ring to ring, she makes a brilliant, stackable statement.

Megan Thorne: Every rose has its Thorne, and this delicate flowery piece is no exception. Incorporating antique elements into modern marvelous fashion, Megan makes fragile and feminine into a wearable, wonderful ring for every day wear.

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