Mission & Vision



Avilan™ stands for sustainable, ethical and socially responsible practices in the diamond business. Our goal is to provide consumers a conflict–free, sustainable diamond choice by up-cycling™ previously owned diamonds.

We are committed to creating positive change in the diamond industry by giving previously owned diamonds new purpose. Through relationships with consumers and retailers, we circulate diamonds already in the marketplace; our inventory does not include newly mined diamonds.

Mining contaminates water sources, pollutes the air, destroys the land’s ecosystem, and inflicts incomprehensible human suffering. By selecting diamonds from the existing world market, we strive to ensure no further blood will be shed nor conflicts funded.



It is our goal at Avilan™ to form a network of retail businesses that share our core values and provide our customers a safe, secure and trusted environment to sell their diamonds and the socially responsible consumer the choice to purchase a trusted brand of sustainable diamonds.

We are committed to contributing to positive change in our communities, both locally and globally. Avilan™ contributes a per cent of every transaction to a charity positively impacting social conditions and protecting the environment.