Social and Global Responsibility

Avilan™ stands for ethical and socially responsible behavior in business, and we are committed to eradicating the vicious cycle associated with blood diamonds. It is our goal to form a network of consumers and businesses that share our core values of protecting the environment, and cultivating relationships rooted in the responsible buying and selling of the one of the earth’s most precious gifts—a diamond.


Our vision is to inspire opportunities for people to support local and global communities by giving new life to previously owned luxury goods. By creating relationships between customers and retailers, we are able to circulate diamonds that are already in existing inventory rather than desecrating the earth for a new supply. When the mining process is removed, the ecosystem is preserved and no human rights are violated. Our diamonds are previously owned, not mined. Mining contaminates water sources, pollutes the air, destroys the land’s ecosystem, and inflicts incomprehensible human suffering. By selecting diamonds from the existing world inventory, we strive to ensure no further blood will be shed nor conflicts funded by the global diamond marketplace.

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