Greening the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but often we forget just how wasteful the holidays can be. The leftovers from that giant turkey go uneaten, decorations are quickly bought and put up only to be tossed out the next day, and if you’re anything like me, there are yards of discarded wrapping paper and ribbons from failed attempts to wrap the oddly-shaped gift (after the third try, I typically give up and toss it into a gift bag). Between the holiday rush and the cornucopia of family get-togethers, it can be difficult to keep up with greener priorities. That’s why we at Avilan™ have created an easy go-to list for the holiday season.

1. Start With Your Gift List: With the growing awareness surrounding our environment, it’s easy to find sustainable alternatives to many gift items on your list. Organize your list by quality and not quantity; you could get your friend that set of picture frames that she’ll stow away in the closet to gather dust, or you could get her a Kindle to read that best seller she’s been talking about. Both she and her extra closet space will thank you.

2. Wrap Responsibly: Stick with recycled wrapping paper and card alternatives, which can be found in almost any gift store or online at places such as Green Field Paper. If you can’t find a design or style you like, then make your own! Use a blank recycled wrapping paper, reusable ink stamps or a embroidery fabric printing roller, and design away! It adds a personal and thoughtful touch to any gift.

3. Eat The Locals: Not advocating cannibalism (hardly in the holiday spirit), but it’s always a good idea to eat organic, local products, so include them in your holiday dinner. You can further green your meal by using washable flatware and silverware over paper or plastic alternatives. If you’re at a large family function and there simply aren’t enough plates to go around, use recycled paper plates and napkins for the evening.

4. Trees Are Green For A Reason: If you’re picking out a Christmas tree this year, go with one that is pesticide-free and, if you’re lucky, locally grown. Also stick to a real wreath over plastic, and once you’re finish with both your tree and wreath, go to Earth911 to dispose of them responsibly and save one of the ten million trees that end up in a landfill every year. When decorating, use energy-efficient LED lights to decorate the home. The savings from your electric bill will make the holiday bills that much more bearable.

5. Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A tried and true expression, but donating to a local charity is exactly what the holidays are all about. Avilan™ donates a percentage of each transaction to a charity of the customer’s choosing year-round, but this time of year emphasizes good will towards man more than any other. So keep in the spirit and make both your holiday and theirs a little jollier.

We at Avilan™ wish everyone a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Everyone deserves to share in the good tidings that the season brings, so enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones and being a little greener while doing it.

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