The Smart Cut

When Size Comes First

In the diamond industry, possibly more than any other, size does matter. At Avilan, we offer you the only diamond on the market sold by dimension – not by carat weight. Over the years, diamond cutters have tried to maximize weight retention by cutting heavier makes, which makes the diamond appear smaller. The Smart Cut thinks outside the box and maximizes millimeter “spread” while still maintaining its brilliance. In short, these diamonds give your customers the look of a larger diamond without breaking their budget.

Intelligent, By Design

The dimensions of the Smart Cut are what make it a unique, perfect find for the savvy customer. It is significantly broader across the table – the view that is visible. Wider at the top, the bottom portion of the diamond, hidden from view in a typical mounting, is leaner. A typical Smart Cut diamond will face up 10-23% larger than a diamond of similar carat weight, The inherent dimensions of the diamond’s intelligent cut provide the solution to size without compromising quality.

What You Get Is What You See

Our Smart Cut diamonds, when displayed side-by-side with loose diamonds from our competitors, are always the ones customers want most. It offers brilliance, quality, and a size that most wouldn’t think they could afford. These diamonds give your customer a big, brilliant look without breaking their budget; the precise cutting angles offer that fire and sparkle that other diamonds can’t. What you get is what you see, and seeing the Smart Cut will make you believe it!


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