Our honesty, integrity, and caring approach to creating value and social responsibility are evident to the consumers and retail jewelers who work with us.

“I had been researching the Kimberley Process and conflict-free diamonds when a friend told me about Avilan’s Storied Diamond™. My fiancée and I were excited to find Avilan™ as an option for her engagement ring and diamond. Our sales associate was very knowledgeable and took the time to educate us on diamonds, providing a wide selection of stones. In the end, we were able to buy a beautiful diamond that doesn’t support mining because it was a Storied Diamond™, and Avilan™ made the entire process seamless.”
– Paul S., Mesa, AZ

“When I sold my diamond to a retailer in the Avilan™ jewelers’ network, I was treated well by all of the staff. They understood my situation, and I received a fair appraisal and quick payment. After four previous attempts to sell my diamond, I was finally successful with Avilan™, receiving a price that I thought was fair.”
– Robert B., Katy, TX

“I was unable to return my diamond ring to the store after my engagement went sour. I turned to Avilan™ and was able to easily locate a network jeweler online where I was able to sell it. The system connected me to a great local store that treated me very well.”
– Joan L., St. Louis, MO

“I have always wanted to go to nursing school and finally decided that now was the time. By selling my diamond ring to Avilan™, I was able to pay for my first semester. Now I am starting down my dream career path. Thanks, Avilan™, for making my dreams a reality.”
— Jane R., Surprise, AZ

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