Smart Scribe

About Laser Inscription

Smart Scribe, a laser-inscription service, can add a special saying, date, or image to commemorate an event or an identification number to help protect diamonds from theft. Laser inscriptions are etched on the girdle, or outer perimeter, of the diamond using a laser of specific heat that transforms a thin layer under the area the laser touches from a diamond carbon structure into a graphite carbon structure. These engravings are undetectable to the naked eye, but are easily seen with a 10x magnification loupe. Diamonds over 0.20 carat may be inscribed unless the girdle size prohibits safe etching. While inscriptions are meant to be permanent, they can be removed by a professional if desired.


The Benefits of Laser Inscription

Make your diamond truly one-of-a-kind with a unique laser-inscribed word, phrase, or picture. What a wonderful way to create and heirloom piece that will be cherished for generations! For peace of mind, you may choose to have an identification number inscribed to distinguish your diamond from all others. As an added benefit, some insurance companies offer a discount for inscribed diamonds, as the inscription permits positive identification of the diamond if it is found after being lost or stolen.

All Storied DiamondsTM are inscribed with a unique number from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), proving that each of these diamonds has been Up-CycledTM, and has attained the highest level of SCS responsibly sourced certification.


Various Holidays to Commemorate a Special Occasion

The following holidays or special events present the perfect opportunity to add that special saying or image to a diamond, transforming it into a forever treasure:

January – New Year’s Day

February – Valentine’s Day

March – First day of spring

April – Easter or Earth Day

May – Mother’s Day

June – Father’s Day & Graduation

July – Independence Day & Parent’s Day

August – Friendship Day

September – Grandparent’s Day & Citizenship Day

October – Mother-in-law Day & Sweetest Day

November – Thanksgiving Day & Veteran’s Day

December – Christmas & Chanukah & Kwanzaa


…and don’t forget job promotions, new births, birthdays, and anniversaries!