Prompt Payment vs. Consignment

As part of our commitment to customer service, Avilan™ offers retailers and consumers two options for selling a diamond. The quick payment option compensates the seller immediately. The consignment option allows Avilan™ time to market the stone within our network of jewelers. There are benefits to both options.


The Prompt Payment Option is simply that. We make an offer and once you accept and fill out the appropriate documentation, you will receive a check in as little as 24 hours. This option is best suited for the seller who needs payment immediately.


The Consignment Option enables sellers to place their diamonds on consignment with us. Consigning your diamond has potential for higher payment. We market your stone to our vast network of jewelers. This allows your stone maximum market exposure, opposed to being displayed in one local store. This option is appropriate for the seller who doesn’t need payment immediately but would prefer the opportunity to make more money.


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