Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Avilan™ buy large diamonds?

Yes. Avilan™ buys diamonds of all shapes, colors, and sizes. We have the financial stability to purchase any size and quality of stone.

Do you buy every type of diamond and diamond jewelry?

Yes. Our focus is on purchasing post-consumer diamonds and diamond jewelry, including both damaged and orphaned pieces. Avilan™ will buy any stone you have, no matter how big or small, unmounted or in any type of setting. The diamond shapes we buy include: Round, Pear, Marquise, Emerald, Princess, Asscher, Heart, Old Miner, European, and Oval. We purchase all diamonds, with or without certification. Avilan™ also buys antique, heirloom, and estate diamond jewelry.

Can you offer me an evaluation on my diamond and diamond jewelry before seeing it?

There are many variables that affect the evaluation. In order to provide an accurate assessment, we must view the diamond. Avilan™ physically inspects each piece to make an accurate determination of its value.

How do you determine the amount paid for my diamond and diamond jewelry?

The purchase price is based on the quality, size, rarity, value, and marketability of each piece as objectively determined by our diamond-buying experts.

Is the evaluation offered based on retail value?

Offers from Avilan™ are based on the fairest wholesale price available. We understand that there is an inherent emotional attachment to diamonds and diamond jewelry; however, all resellable items, including diamonds and diamond jewelry, cannot be purchased back at retail price.

Do you remove stones to appraise and price items?

If your diamond is set in a ring or some other type of jewelry, we will purchase the diamond and the setting. Sign and submit a release of liability form for a diamond you would like us to remove from a mounting or that is set in jewelry.
If you only want to sell the diamond and keep the jewelry, we prefer that you remove it from the setting prior to sending it to Avilan™. Upon submission, it should be indicated if the stone is damaged. Sign and submit the disclosure form with the diamond and mounting indicating the condition of the stone.

Can I track jewelry I’ve left on consignment?

Yes. You will receive a stock number and will be able to call Avilan™ or the store to check on the status of your diamond.

Do you sell diamonds?

Yes, we proudly sell Storied Diamonds™ from the existing world inventory. By selling these up-cycled diamonds™, we help to reduce the social and environmental devastation caused by the demand for newly mined diamonds.

To locate a dealer that carries Avilan Storied Diamonds™, contact us at 855-434-1444 or email us >.