Buyer Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I buy an Avilan Storied Diamond™?
Selecting a Storied Diamond™ from the existing world inventory means it is free from the environmental and human rights abuses associated with diamond mining. Giving back is one of our core values. Avilan™ donates a portion of each purchase to the selected Avilan™ charity partner you designate. Your purchase of an Avilan Storied Diamond™ is a socially responsible, sustainable jewelry purchase.

Does the charity have to be an Avilan™ approved charity?
Yes. Avilan™ is committed to charities that make a positive change for women, children, and a healthy, sustainable environment. We research and update our charity selection in order to contribute to organizations that align with our core values.

What is an Avilan Storied Diamond™?
A Storied Diamond™ is a diamond that possesses a rich history. Our Storied Diamonds come from the existing world inventory. Each diamond offers a legacy that continues through its changing ownership.

How do I know I am buying an authentic Avilan Storied Diamond™?
All Avilan Storied Diamonds™ are laser etched with a unique inscription to identify them as post-consumer, responsibly sourced.

Are Storied Diamonds™ manmade?
No. All of our diamonds are 100% natural stones that come from the existing world market.

What is your return policy?
Avilan™ diamond returns are based on the individual store’s return policy.

Where can I buy Avilan Storied Diamonds™?
To locate an Avilan™ network jeweler near you, contact us at 855-434-1444 or email us >.