Avilan Donates to Hurricane Sandy Relief


With all of the destruction and devastation left over from Hurricane Sandy, people are thinking less about diamond rings and necklaces and more about reconnecting the power and having a place to stay. Our friends and family on the East Coast are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, including those in the jewelry industry.

According to InStoreMag.com, brick-and-mortar shopping visits were down 7 percent in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, and online sales sunk by an additional 4 percent. With the main concerns being focused on rebuilding the Northeast, especially as more winter storms roll in with thousands of homes still without heat or electricity, few have holiday shopping on their minds.

As Avilan’s VP of Marketing Jana Hadany stated in this CBS5 exclusive, “This is the beginning of the very first week in the season that important to kick start the season, and we just lost that week.”

Another problem that has arose for jewelers, as it has for many others, is the property damage. The large window displays meant to showcase a store’s inventory became a liability for many, resulting in massive financial cost and man hours spent to board them up. With many stores without the electricity to power their alarm systems, security has also come into question.

Despite all of the hardships and ruin, many jewelers are giving people a new reason to smile and take heart. JCKOnline reported that jewelers like Great American Jewelry Store in Massapequa Park, NY and Earth Treasures in Eatontown, NJ (currently being run on generators) have been using their stores as way-stations for those without heat or power. With so many doing their part in this time of crisis, Avilan felt it was only right to do something as well.

Avi Hadany and Ilan Wexsler, co-founders of Avilan, donated 180 dollars each for a total of 360, a symbol of those affected coming full circle back to the way things were before the storm. The money was given to the Red Cross, which has since been used to buy meals for victims as well as provide clean-up and hygiene kits. Our thoughts and love are with our friends on the East coast, both professional and personal, as they rebuild from the wreckage to a brighter tomorrow.

Please donate to the Red Cross and help those affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy here.


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