The Avilan™ Difference

For centuries, diamonds have been a physical representation of love and commitment. They are traditionally given as gifts for an engagement, wedding, birth of a child, or significant life event to show the recipient how much she or he is loved. Unfortunately, there have been lingering issues surrounding the bloody conflicts supported by diamond mining, not to mention the negative environmental impacts. Although diamond companies have made concerted efforts to follow regulations and maintain the purity of diamonds, no one has previously addressed both the social and ecological implications.

Avilan™ is making a difference not only in the diamond industry, but in the world. Avilan™ offers the world’s first 100% eco ethical diamond, the Storied Diamond™, which is the only third-party certified responsible source for diamonds. By purchasing and selling only post-consumer diamonds, Avilan™ ensures that none of our products comes directly from the mine. If the traditional method of collecting diamonds ended tomorrow, Avilan™ would still be able to sell beautiful diamonds to retailers and consumers.

Following our commitment to the global community, Avilan™ also donates a percentage of each purchase and sale to charity partners who embrace the mission on which we were founded, contributing directly to social and environmental endeavors, both locally and around the planet, that assist others through life’s transitions.

We invite you to be part of the Avilan™ difference by selling us your diamonds or buying one of our post-consumer Storied Diamonds™. Without you, the story ends, but with your participation, we can continue to have an impact on generations to come, one diamond, one story at a time.

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