Avilan Approved Designer Community:
Designers That Make A Difference

The first step to creating responsibly-sourced jewelry begins with the designer’s commitment to beauty and sustainability. Their creations use fair trade/mined or recycled metals, gemstones, and diamonds. We are excited to feature these designers who work with our eco ethical Storied Diamonds™.

Artisans in Green have created Avilan™ – exclusive jewelry pieces.

Jennifer Dawes of Dawes Design Dawes Design rose to the forefront of the green movement in jewelry in 2005, around the time she had her first child. “Becoming a mother was the most meaningful and spiritual experience I have ever known. It changed the way I perceived the future and showed me how important it was to be committed to a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.” Since then, Dawes only uses recycled gold and responsibly mined stones wherever possible in her work. The company prides itself on making everything locally and sourcing using sustainable businesses that use recycled products. “I want to add something to this world, not take it away.”

Toby Pomeroy of TOBY POMEROY™ Toby Pomeroy is globally recognized as a designer, goldsmith and an outspoken activist for social and environmental responsibility in the jewelry industry. He is President of TOBY POMEROY, a jewelry design and manufacturing firm located in Corvallis, Oregon that exists to create distinctive jewelry of uncompromising quality and beauty, to elevate the status of artisanal and small-scale miners around the world and to bring about a world in balance.

Megan Thorne of Megan Thorne Fine Jewels An artist and an artisan, Megan has an in-house studio staffed with a team of personally-trained jewelers, yet even with a team, she touches every piece, designing, drawing, fabricating, casting, setting, and finishing jewels. It is this intimacy with her craft and materials that brings forth the integrity of every piece and the intricacy of her designs. And it is this attention to detail, design and workmanship that instantly transforms a ring or necklace into an heirloom piece, one that will travel through generations with timeless elegance.

Sofia Kaman of Kamofie Launching in Jan 2000, our business has been on a course of steady growth and organic evolution. From making wax carvings on her kitchen table, Sofia evolved her gem-filled visions into a collection, evolved into a wholesale business, a showroom, a retail jewelry boutique. 2008 marked the opening of Kamofie & Company on the dynamic Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA. Sofia knew instantly that Venice was the best location to center her brand. Creative, whimsical, ever-changing, soulful …all these things that describe this artistic hub of busy Los Angeles so too describe what she and her jewelry are all about. The store provided Sofia with the ultimate testing ground for launching new designs and new potentials for her growing company.

Jamie Joseph of Jamie Joseph Jewelry Jamie Joseph Jewelry has always been about the stones. Working together, Jamie and Jeremy Joseph convey their artistic vision by focusing on bringing light, shape, and an organic framework to some of the most beautiful stones in the world. Giving equal focus to qualities of movement, asymmetry, texture and luminosity, stones are transformed into wearable treasures with gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Jamie has an artisan’s aesthetic and her collections are renowned for meticulous craftsmanship, signature stone cutting techniques, and an abundance of color.

Naomi Maslon Born in Big Sur, California where the mountains meet the ocean with dramatic elegance, she has always had a reverence for the natural world. Calmed and inspired by the ocean waves, the tall trees, and the form and shadow of everyday objects, this connection has profoundly informed her creativity.

T Lee In 1983, she founded her business, which revolved around the craft fair circuit for 21 years before opening her first storefront. She has always used responsibly sourced her materials in all of her pieces, whether they come from a transparent supply chain or an up-cycled source. She makes a personal connection with her clients with her gemstone roundtables and extraordinary customization services. Besides garnering a devoted following of jewelry shoppers, Lee won the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year award at the JANY show in 2002 and a Rising Star award at JCK. She opened her original retail store that year. For three years, she also kept doing the craft fairs, but the overlap was unworkable.

Victoria JarmanFor Victoria, jewellery is something that one can wear everyday without fuss. She give the metals shapes, textures & finishes that stand up to being worn and promises a piece of jewellery that you won’t worry about wearing. Victoria grew up in a small town called Corsham in Wiltshire and, after over 10 years away, she moved back to Corsham in 2010 to settle into my new home with her lovely husband and chocolate labrador, Daisy. When she is not making jewellery she spends her time walking the dog, climbing mountains and pottering (read: snoozing) in the garden.


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